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States east of Louisiana are truly southern. Texas is a Lone Star because of many influences — southern, western, international, and oil and gas industry adds to its uniqueness. Look at the predominant religious denomination of the south- Southern Baptist. Then look at Texas — much more Catholic, Methodist, Episcopalian than what you will find to the east. Texas was much forward looking in terms of business acumen.

Bentson, Gramm, Hobby,. Our founding has been whitewashed, and is hinted to in the article. Texas seceded from Mexico for the right to enslave. As it sunk in that slavery was done, we moved our image to the Western mythos the author describes. Look at the cities established when this was Mexico, and the few Blacks compared to cities that were established after. There was little segregation, as life was too basic. Texas is at least two states, with an interesting history, to be sure.

What if Texas Was an Independent Country?

One had to toughen up to live in Texas or die. Get up in the panhandle if you want to see the real Texas and see real Texans cause living is tough up there with the weather and terrain.

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Yep that happened in I can be at a typical plantation from my doorstep in 25 minutes. My hometown was the second busiest cotton port in the South. Two civil war battles were fought here. As an aside, Texas eats more catfish than any other state and its not close.

My ancestors fought in the Civil War for the Confederacy. Texas was I think the third state to Secede from the Union.

Causes of Texas Independence

There are monuments and Graves of Confederate soldiers all over this State. Tons of Cotton grown all over this state. True , but theirs a lot of Southern folks and all types of folks that move to California too. Dallas is where the East peters out. Your history is messed up. Santa Anna is no hero. By the way, volunteers from the Republic of Texas many Anglos and Tejanos went into Mexico and supported the rebel forces. We even sent our navy to help the other Mexican states. Seguin was Spanish, descended from a group of settlers who came to San Antonio in from the Canary Islands.

You are an idiot. Tedjosa…part of your rant is fact; but only part as most of it is skewed. Your view is obviously from an anti-Texas point of view. And other reports from Mexican diaries say different….. So are you saying Texas should be part of Mexico? Then you know the Spanish and French will be looking to reclaim some of that land south of the Rio Grande too. Next up, the Mayans and Aztecs of what is now the southern quarter of current day Mexico. The state is worlds more Western than Southern.

I was born and raised in Houston, schooled at Rice and Arkansas. Have you? Think of a Cormac McCarthy novel. NOT the South. Nobody who has actually been to Arkansas, Mississippi, South Carolina, Alabama, or Tennessee actually thinks those places in any way resemble even east Texas.

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When I was a kid the local citizens stoped a KKK rally down town. Confederate veterans are buried in our cemeterys. My ancestors even fought in the war. I agree that the landscape and the plantation stereotype is not in West Texas, but alot of the people who inhabit it are descendants of it. That part of Texas was mostly a frontier at the time, but Texas is the South.

But overlook the 45, Texans who served and died in the Confederacy because the Western portion of the state only had a small portion of settlers? Good thing this article was written, i think there may have been 7 americans who forgot for 12 seconds how evil the south is, and how ashamed we should all feel for the past we had nothing to do with. Way to put us in our place you liberal douche-canoe.

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They fought because their government was screwing them over not over slaves. If the North was so devoted to the slaves, they wouldnt treated their African infantry regiments like dogs and theyd have given them more jobs up North post -Civil War. There are other reasons the Civil War was fought, but slavery is far and way the primary driver of the rest of those reasons.

I have lots of ancestors who wrongly fought to keep slaves.

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Many waves of immigration, both from other parts of the nation and international sources, have dwarfed the presence of my own ancestry — which was from the Deep South. Texas is huge and diverse, both geographically and economically. Texas has dense forests, rolling prairies, desert plains, mountain ranges, hill country, and river valleys.

It has 3, miles of coastal and islands shoreline, and has a mile international border. In this immense environment, the melting pot syndrome has been the dominant cultural phenomenon for at least years.

The Best Books on Texas | Five Books Expert Recommendations

People who move to Texas, from anywhere, generally stay and become Texans. Under all the defensive and ignorant answers I love your answer and I think the author of this piece actually wanted to convey this. This article seems to be predicated on everything west of I not actually being part of Texas. It has a lot of fair points and interesting trivia for the part of the state it actually discusses, but just seems to ignore the fact that, you know El Paso, Amarillo, Midland, etc, are actual places in order to prove a point.

Dylan, at the end of the day Texas is to diverse culturally and Historically to put in to one box. If you look at only certain parts of Texas through a crack in the door, I guess you can come to such myopic conclusions as you do. Either way, El Paso has always had a much different and more interesting than the rest of the state. El Paso has much more in common with the settlement of the American West than central and East Texas does. Sorry Mr. Lomax, I disagree.

Only one of 10 ballot propositions was headed toward defeat.

But then again, I live west of I But as previously stated, I live west of I Is that the Southern Guard? I was born and raised in Fort Worth. I am a Texan.

Our state is diverse in land and people. There are many other things in Texas than the large cities of Dallas, Austin and Houston. In the 24 years that I lived all over this country and in Europe as a military wife — when someone asked me where I was from — I never said I was from the South or the West. Robertson and his Texas Brigade arrived at their position on Seminary Ridge , along with the rest of the Confederate forces, and quickly organized his regiments left to right with the 3rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment on the left, then the 1st Texas, 4th Texas, and 5th Texas.

Soon after arrival on Seminary Ridge, both Union and Confederate artillery opened fire. According to General R. Anderson , the ridge that the enemy forces sat on was about twelve hundred yards away from the ridge that the Confederate forces positioned on. The troops of the 1st Texas infantry jumped as the cannon fire hit around them, as did the rest of the Confederate forces, but stood strong in their formation. The order to charge and take the heights was finally issued. Robertson and his Texas Brigade faced many problems almost as soon as they moved off their original position on Seminary Ridge.

Robertson ordered the men to throw down a rail fence that obstructed their path. As soon as this obstruction was out of the way the men moved across Emmitsburg Road and continued forward. Robertson now faced a problem caused by Evander M.