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It was so tempting to shut down emotionally. After all, I was already forcing a smile in my work life while I looked for new opportunities.

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But at the urging of a friend, I engaged my feelings and tried to grieve proactively. I stopped blaming myself for what happened and started brainstorming how I might have prevented it. Over time, I made peace with the fact that layoffs reflect the state of the company, not your performance as an individual. In both cases, the companies I left went on to downsize further. Last month, Munchery, an on-demand, single serving meal delivery service, announced they were closing their doors , roughly eight months after a significant round of layoffs.

Observing these trends helped further me let go of the past and focus on my own future. After layoff number two, my thinking had changed. Even though I had significantly less severance to work with, I never applied for another job. A job loss is never easy, no matter how much warning you have, or how early you anticipated the situation.

But for me, it ultimately led to more clarity on what I wanted to do , a significantly bigger income, and the motivation to pursue the life I wanted instead of settling for the life I had. Remember, disappointments can turn into opportunities—you just need to keep moving forward. As difficult as it may be, your best days are likely ahead of you.

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Design Spend a day inside the design studios you wish you worked for Co. This was an interesting question that was posed to me and thought it would make for a good topic. If I was a little curt with my first response, it was uncalled for. I do get a little peeved when people attack an article without reading it first, but that's no excuse for a short temper. I have something quite fun lined up for my next post. I was recently laid off.

On thinking back, I believe I know the real reasons that I was laid off. I have reservations about the financial excuse I was given. In many organizations, what is called "interpersonal relationships" aka politics and currying favor is the most important performance criterion. Instead, I chose to do a good job, as thorough as I deemed proper, politely with a professional demeanor. However, I didn't brown nose the self-important managers to the degree they desired. I were laid off. The other people who were laid off at the same time, had the same work ethic and didn't brown nose either.

The people who stayed, had their primary focus on pleasing that management. For those who have ethical concerns about some of the ideas above, and still have their reasons for leaving, try to simply do a good job without spending time on currying favor.

Laid off from work? These are your next steps

Certainly being laid off this way depends on managers who are not the best. However, betting on managers who choose not to be the best is frequently a successful bet. I am confused, The things listed seem to be sure fired ha ha!

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  • I was under the impression that benefits are hard to get when you have been fired. It depends on why you are fired.

    LAID OFF or FIRED? Here's How to Explain Being "LAID OFF"

    If you are fired for cause then you will not get any benefits [I am assuming you mean unemployment, so correct me if I am wrong]. I was 'fired' but my former boss wrote that it was not for cause - he actually wrote that. Then he told unemployment that I made many material mistakes that led to my being fired. Funny, but he always told me what a wonderful job I did and how great an employee I was. And I had it in writing where he said I was just let go 'at will'.

    It took 6 months [delays in the process], but I did get my unemployment. Sorry for going on, but it feels better to get that out. I have been with the same company for 28 years. We have merged again, and they are ruthlessly chopping people, little groups at a time. Think about it, they don't want to tarnish their fortune company image or stocks by headlines of thousands laid off.

    This company has systematically dismantled an awesome company that is over years old, and a great bunch of people. SO, to all those who ask why would anyone want to be laid off, I say why let the bastards get away with you walking away and they don't have to pay severance or unemployment to peole that have dedicated their lives to this company? Companies no longer give out references, because they are afraid of lawsuits.

    SO, you won't get anything from being loyal to a company. What is in it for empolyees to remain faithful these days? Companies just don't care about the people anymore.

    You can turn disappointments into opportunities, but you have to face the disappointments first.

    I worked with many people who did many of those things. Funny that the workers who had no brains kept their jobs and the ones who thought and spoke for themselves have been let go [me included]. Of course, I hated my job and on one hand am glad, but a year later there are no prospects and money will get tight sooner or later. That, and I believe I have been blacklisted in my community.

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    I would suggest making sure you have a plan in place before getting laid off [whether you try or not]. Working below your ability is not unethical unless you believe it to be. Employers have no problem paying you beneath your ability so sometimes it's just evening things up. Although I heard this saying once and thought it fitting - work for the job you want, not the one you have.

    7 Tips To Thrive After Being Laid Off

    While this article provided a lot of good info, it also was good for some laughs. Reminds me a lot of my previous office I agree with those that say that some of the above advises is poor ethics. However, there are some situations, when getting laid-off is more preferable. Take me for instance. The company is still alive only because employees have been working hard, while bosses have been enjoying themselves and acting like nothing happening.

    Right now the company has such a large dept that even if we miraculously improve our performance, all profits will go to pay-off the depts. So essentially being laid-off is just a matter of time for me. I lasted longer than others, but there is nobody left less preferable than I am. The worst thing about this situation is that there is no more enthusiasm about this company; since our bosses let us down so bad.

    We've been loyal, but right now we lost all respect to our leaders - the wound that will take many years to heal. BTW, this problem - the lack of respect and trust to our leaders - started long before the crisis. Right now it just got worse as all weaknesses surfaced due to a bad times. I've been with this company long overdue even before Unfortunately, there are simply no other jobs in my field whatsoever, as it was one of the few that got affected the most.

    So, I can't find another job, no matter how hard I try. And I cannot quit - I am a young man who just started his career and just got married and had his first baby, so naturally, there is no money saved.

    Deciding to Conduct a Layoff

    I am not going to follow most of these advices. I did do some of the mentioned things for a while now even before reading it; not because I intentionally wanted to get myself laid-off, but because I lost my motivation and simply don't care anymore. So, I am not going to do unethical things that could harm other people, my company and my reputation; but I will wish deep inside that I will be the next.

    Reading all of the responses, it's clear that everyone's personal situation and experience influences their view and that should be expected. In my case, I've put many years into a business and was instrumental in developing it from nothing to a booming enterprise. Now after an internal merger, I find myself marginalized by new management and their cronies, working for a jerk in a job I was never hired to do with no prospects of career growth. They still pay me like they did when I was in a more important role, but I'll never see another raise as I'm overpaid for my position due to the change.

    They have been laying people off quarter by quarter and are destroying the company I helped built through poor decision making. My only real career move is to go start a business, but it will take years to build up to the income level I enjoy now.

    If you must go, at least try to come out ahead.

    A severance gets me a years pay to help me get on my feet while quitting puts me into the great unknown of a start-up with no net. In my case I'd love to find a way to get laid off, but I'm finding this to be difficult. Doing a poor job is so common, it won't get you noticed in this place! I believe the political approach is likely the best as the management is more concerned with how they are perceived than reality I'm going down that route now. I'll let you know how it turns out!