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Tim Gray, renowned Scripture scholar and president of the Augustine Institute, provides fascinating insights about the Protestant Reformation and the ensuing Catholic Counter Reformation. He discusses how holy men and women worked from within the Church, as they do in every age, to bring forth much-needed reform.

Hear how necessary changes were brought about by holy heroes such as Giles of Vit Matthew Arnold recounts the life story of St. Pio of Pietrelcina, a twentieth century saint and mystic who is known around the world as Padre Pio. This presentation includes fascinating details about St.

All are wi Prepare for the month of the Rosary!

Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta is known throughout the world as a woman who was totally committed to the Gospel. In this inspiring talk, she shares her insights on the Blessed Virgin Mary as a model of womanhood The Truth to Inspire Series offers captivating dramatizations for children of the lives of saints and well-known Marian apparitions in order to teach them more about the Catholic Faith. In this presentation hear how Many people have heard of Our Lady of Guadalupe, but few people know her story. In this talk, speaker and catechist Luis Soto who himself was born and raised in Mexico shares the little-known history and life-ch Renowned speaker and author, Ralph Martin, presents the timeless teachings of St.

Francis de Sales, bishop, Doctor of the Church, and famous 16th century author, in a way that provides profound wisdom for living in today? Through the inspirations of this influential and well-known saint, we gain great insight into how sin affects our lives, our relationships, and our witness to the world.

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Catholicism in the United States has a challenging but rich history that is rarely told. Emily Stimpson Chapman, an experienced journalist and the author of numerous books, tells of the triumphs and obstacles that Catholics faced in the s when evangelizing. Jason presents a wealth of insights about this holy man who promoted devotion to Divine Mercy and Marian consecration, h He shares how, after having already been a nun for twenty years, she had a radical transformation in her own life and then went on to become one of the most powerful forces for bringing about conversion and positive change in the his Learning about the lives of the Saints is a great way to deepen our love of God and recommit us to His service.

We are reminded of how the Lord works in the lives of ordinary people, helping us to conquer sin. In this excerpt from the book, Saints for Sinners, the incredible lives of these Saints testify to the truth of God's transforming love in those who are willing to surrender their lives to In this gripping presentation, Fr.

Nos comparte historias sobre la vida de este santo, contadas por los que conocieron. The Truth to Inspire Series offers children captivating dramatizations of the lives of saints and well-known Marian apparitions in order to teach them about the Catholic Faith. Through St. Dominic Savio was able to live a life of holiness, even as a young boy. Hear how St. Dominic blessed those around him with his numerous acts of charity and commit Seriously wounded in battle, the soldier Ignatius had a profound conversion to Christ during his period of healing and recovery.

He abandoned a promising career in the military and dedicated the rest of his life to the service of Christ and the Church. The holy and hidden figure of St. Joseph comes to light in this captivating presentation by Dr. Mark Miravalle. What is the dignity of this great man, and how do we convey the wondrous power of his intercession? Listen now as Dr.

12 Cosas que Dios quiere que toda MUJER sepa.

Miravalle delves into the fascinating and hidden life of the man whom God chose to "substitute" for Himself when the Word became flesh to dwell among us. Though St. Philomena lived approximately years ago and was only discovered in the catacombs of Rome in the early 's, her faithful witness as a young virgin who was martyred for her purity and for her fidelity to Christ speaks powerfully to our culture, and especially to young people. Commonly referred to as a "wonder worker", she has the distinction of being the only saint canonized sole The Truth to Inspire Series offers children captivating dramatizations of the lives of saints and well-known Marian apparitions to teach them about the Catholic Faith.

Despite many temptations, she grew up to be a powerful influence on the Catholic Church. He recounts the sufferings and martyrdom that thousands of Catholics endured to defend their religious freedom during the Cristero War.

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In , Spanish explorer Cabeza de Vaca led an expedition to Florida. Craig Turner here tells this amazing story — a tale of shipwrecks and slavery, of miracles, battles, apparitions, privations and hardship, of spies and bribery, of human sacrifice, and above all, an astonishing journey through a wilderness that took all but four lives out of three hundred.

Those who sought to gain the most fa During these challenging times there is a critical need to focus on defending our religious liberty as stated in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. In these highly informative presentations, Bishop David Malloy and Monsignor Eric Barr show us that protection of religious freedom is fundamental for Catholics, as well as for people of all faiths.

He shares the story and influence of the Jesuits throughout Church History, reflects on his own life and experience as a Jesuit, and speaks especially Here is the incredible faith journey of a singularly inspiring woman. Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God formerly Rosalind Moss tells the unexpected tale of her life — from conservative Jewish woman in New York to evangelical missionary to prioress of a new religious community in Oklahoma.


Her amazing testimony will strengthen you and help you believe that Jesus Christ is in fact the long awaite Backed by statistics and armed with decades of research, Prof. Smith shows the crippling effect of the contraceptive culture on our relationship with God, o What elements are essential during dating and courtship to discern whether you are following God's will? In this inspiring presentation, Kimberly Hahn, wife of Dr. Scott Hahn, shares rich insight gained from many years of bible study and her personal experiences as a Christian woman, wife, and mother. She provides practical advice and encourages setting high standards according to God's ways.

Father Michael Schmitz tackles some of the most difficult topics in the Church today.

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With compassion, clarity, and humor, he shows that the Church's teachings on contraception and same-sex attraction are rooted in the yearnings for authentic love that is shared by all, who are made in the image and likeness of God. He provides valuable insights about how God imbued our sexuality with truths that are reflective of his own divine love. He challenges Catholics to share the liberating t First comes loves, then comes marriage If sex is natural, why are we so eager to make it artificial? In this presentation, Jason Evert presents the case for Natural Family Planning as he unveils the beauty of God's plan for sexuality.

Jason has spoken about chastity to more than one million people around the world and is the author or more than a dozen books. Both secular and religious observers agree that the sexual revolution has caused seismic changes for society across the globe.

Mary Eberstadt, a secularly-trained writer who has written for Time Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, and the LA Times, among other publications, uses her training as a professional researcher to objectively assess whether or not the severing of sex and procreation has de Catholic Apologist Trent Horn carefully considers same-sex marriage and provides an in-depth discussion that addresses the misconceptions held by many in our society today. This examination of what marriage really is, and what it is not, provides a truly gracious and persuasive response to the debate surrounding this important topic.

Janet Smith, Ph. She discusses how this document written by Blessed Pope Paul VI served to prophetically warn the world of the dire consequences associated wi Scare tactics, guilt trips, and the climbing teen pregnancy rates don't really inspire anyone to love. In this presentation from Jason and Crystalina Evert, you'll discover the difference between love and lust while getting straight answers about dating, relationships, and sexual purity.

Chris Stefanick discusses chastity beyond the usual fear tactics and "just say no's. Everything else is just an imitation. Do you want to be the 1 influence in your teen's sexual behavior? In this presentation, Jason Evert provides parents with 10 powerful strategies to safeguard the innocence of their children and effectively communicate the benefits and beauty of chastity to their family.

Jason has spoken about chastity to more than one million people around the world and is the author of more than a dozen books. Matt Fradd, a best-selling Catholic author, presents new data to show how the changes in the types and accessibility of pornography being promoted today make it far more dangerous and harmful than ever before.

Matt draws from a wealth of experience to guide parents in taking decisive action to protect their children, and he empowers adults with specific wording to effectively address this sensitiv Freedom exists for the sake of love. However, the modern idea of it leads to slavery. Christopher is a popular theologian who specializes in making the dense scholars The realities of masculinity, femininity, and gender, and the relation of these to our identity, are being questioned like never before.

Jason Evert, internationally-known Catholic speaker and author, leads the discussion beyond feelings to help us embrace an integrated understanding of the truth of our identity. Speaking the truth in love, he shows how the recognition of what our biology reveals In this talk delivered to a group of college-aged men at the FOCUS Conference, nationally sought-after speaker Lisa Cotter addresses an important but often overlooked topic — emotional purity.

Using Taylor Swift lyrics to emphasize her point, Lisa proposes that emotional purity is essential for authentic love to flourish in any romantic relationship. This talk is perfect for every young ad Is it ever too late to start over? In this inspiring talk, Crystalina Evert explains that it doesn't matter what you've done or where you've been; all that matters now is where you go from here.

Crystalina has spoken about chastity to hundreds of thousands of people on four continents and is the author of several books including Pure Womanhood and How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul Noelle Garcia, aborda este tema de manera muy honesta, exponiendo su experiencia personal y con el buen humor q Daily Devotionals x. Daily Bible Reading Plans x. Recently Popular Pages x. Spurgeon's Morning and Evening O. Recently Popular Media x.

De repente: A veces Dios se mueve de repente. Recio: Lleno de fuerza, viniendo con gran poder. Fueron llenados como recibieron en fe. Fueron llenados en maneras inusuales.

Hechos f. La vida de estos primeros creyentes.

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Compartimos el mismo amor por Dios. Compartimos el mismo deseo de adorarlo. Compartimos las mismas batallas. Compartimos las mismas victorias.