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New player? Check out the new player index. November 9, PM edited November November 9, PM. General Kenobi said it in a Clone Wars cartoon. Ally code: swgoh.

Make mine a double

I think it was in one of the movies but can't remember which. I'm sure it's telling us that Rey's Hero's journey will be here soon next iteration of Rey like Luke or double drops.

That's what I've narrowed it down to but I also think it's going to be something completely unexpected. One of the clone wars episodes. Thank you for your patience 8D Forum Guidelines.

SanMateo, CA. November 10, AM. Pretty sure Bea Arthur sings a song called by me a double in the bar scene of the Christmas special.

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November 10, AM edited November This one is pretty obvious - double the salvage to complete a full gear piece. Also, theres some speculation that Rey will have a double-blades sabre at some point I think it's Jango!! When he was on the planet of clone's and he want Boba. I always seem to over think these clues and usually I'm wrong! The findings appeared in the journal Spine in October Everyone has vertebral endplates. These thin layers of bone are essential to the health of intervertebral discs, the tissues that link the backbones together and cause major damage if they degenerate or slip out of place.

But individuals with a double endplate may have a structural advantage that may help sustain the endplate's function in case of damage.

Is it ok to run twice in one day?

Researchers noticed the second layer of bone after harvesting small cores from the vertebral bodies of six cadaver spines and scanning them with a micro-CT scanner. Like a medical CT scanner, a micro-CT scanner uses x-rays to create cross-sectional images of a specimen's internal structure without destroying the specimen. The scans can then be layered to create a 3D-image of the structure. The high resolution of the scans about 10 micrometers for this study allowed for exceptionally thin images of the endplate cores to be collected and reconstructed into highly detailed digital renderings that brought the double endplate structure into view, said Andrew Burghardt, the technical director of the Quantitative Micro-Imaging Facility at UCSF.

The endplate must balance two opposing functions: to manage weight distribution and also provide nutrient and waste transport. To do so, the structure must be strong to evenly distribute loads on the disc and adjacent vertebrae, yet porous so nutrients from the vertebrae can reach disc cells and waste can be cleared away. It is a balancing act that the double endplate seems better equipped to accomplish, with the first layer providing increased permeability and the second layer lending structural support.

In the samples, the presence of double layer endplates was associated with healthier adjacent disc tissue. The first layer of the double endplate was about half as thick as a single endplate and much more porous, making it more permeable than a single endplate. It is a feature that likely enhances nutrient transport, said Fields. Despite its delicate nature, the first layer was found to be just as strong as a single endplate because of the reinforcement provided by the second, more substantial layer of bone in the double endplate.

Instead of stressing the physical endplates to find their compressive strength, Fields used the micro-CT data to perform high-resolution finite element simulations—virtual "stress tests" that reveal the weak parts of a structure.

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The simulations also allowed the researchers to also carry out permeability experiments with the endplates. Creating high-resolution models required some serious hardware and software for analysis. By remotely accessing the processing power of the "Ranger" supercomputer, and the "Spur" visualization system, the California-based researchers were able to make their models come to life while using resources halfway across the country. The confirmation of the double endplate variant and the benefits that it may offer for disc health naturally raises a question in most who hear about the research: Do I have double endplates?

It is hard to estimate the prevalence of double endplates in the general population based on the small size of the study; two of the six spines examined had double endplates.