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Chokhmah is also called Fear, 'because it has no measure of boundary, and therefore the mind does not have the power to grasp it'.

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In the array of sefirot in three columns gimel kavim , Chokmah is situated at the top of the right column, and corresponds to the right hemisphere of the brain. There are several aspects of Chokhmah:. The word Chokhmah itself may be broken into two words -- koach "potential" and ma "what is". Thus, Chokhmah means "the potential of what is", or, "the potential to be.

As Chokhmah emanates from Keter, the first dawning of the "Infinite Light", it "appears" in an obscure and undefined state that is a virtual non-being. The light of the Ein Sof becomes unified in the world of Atziluth through clothing itself first in the sefira of Chokhmah. In the soul, Chokhmah is associated with the power of intuitive insight.

5 Ways to Develop Your Intuition

In the Zohar Chokhmah is the primordial point which shines forth from the will of God and thus, is the starting point of Creation. All things are still undifferentiated at this point and only become intelligible at Binah. According to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn , the name of God associated with Chokmah is Jehovah , the archangel that presides over it is Raziel , the order of angels that reside in it are the Ophanim the wheels , the Heaven of Assiah associated with it is called Mazloth, implying the fulfillment of destiny, and the mundane chakra associated with it is the Zodiac.

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10 Poses to Help You Boost Your Intuition

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