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God had burned our bridges behind us, so to speak. There was nowhere else to go but out. And so God worked in our hearts, and we believed. We trusted and obeyed, and God redeemed us. What a miracle. But there is another miracle interwoven with the Exodus that is relegated to obscurity, neglected or even entirely overlooked.

It occurred when the Israelites stood on the bank of the Red Sea with the Egyptian army in hot pursuit.

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Those two events are, in and of themselves, noteworthy miracles. But another, less noticed miracle took place between the parting and the closing of the sea. It took a miracle of faith to propel the Israelites into the river bed.

It took a miracle of faith to believe that the two huge walls of water on either side, supernaturally separated and sustained in defiance of natural law, would not close in and drown us before we reached safety on the opposite shore. Surely it took a miraculous act of trust and faith to walk into the pathway cleared by the parted waters. God moved on our hearts, motivated us forward, and maneuvered us safely to the other side.

Dayenu, indeed! It is sufficient, indeed! Would God have allowed the Angel of Death to smite the firstborn of our homes if we had failed to apply the blood? What if the firstborn of a particular home were a wonderful person? A gentle person? A brilliant person?

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A loving person? Would the Angel of Death have struck him down? Salvation was not determined on the basis of innocence, ignorance or past merit. Rather salvation was determined on the basis of belief and obedience.

The Real Miracle of Passover

And what of the moment when we stood at the shore of the Red Sea? Surely we would have perished. How many today go through life merely seeing, merely beholding the salvation of God? It is one thing merely to behold Yeshua. Avi Snyder Budapest. Avi Snyder is a veteran missionary and director of the European work of Jews for Jesus. He will share with you what is happening in Jewish evangelism in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Avi received his theological training at Fuller Theological Seminary.

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He and his wife, Ruth, have three grown children, Leah, Joel and Liz. The Miracles of Passover. The Exodus is a central part of Judaism, recalled in daily prayers, and on the Sabbath and on festivals.

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It is so important, we are commanded to tell the story to our children, each person as if he or she personally went out from Egypt. Every year, there is a high alert for terror attacks over the holiday, the Jewish Festival of Freedom. And the Holy One, blessed be He, saves us from their hands. More than 10, rockets have been fired on Israel from Gaza in the last decade. Just last week, the United Nations Human Rights Council, continuing the charade that makes a mockery of its name, passed seven resolutions condemning Israel.

The Exodus story is particularly frustrating for our enemies. Incidentally, Jordan has also tried to claim ownership of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Passover is a blow to anyone who wants to rewrite history and re-create reality. Almost every Jew has memories of Seder nights. Every year, there are stories of the hundreds of Jewish backpackers who flock to a Chabad House in places like Kathmandu, drawn by the need to be together and literally get a taste and feel of home. Every week, the Jewish state slows down on a Friday afternoon for the Sabbath; every year, the country goes into a frenzy of cleaning before Passover.

As Israel approaches its 70th anniversary, despite the problems and the dangers, the country still has cause to celebrate the miracles and wonders. Passover, after all, represents Jewish survival against the odds. Jerusalem Post Opinion.

The Miracle of Passover

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