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He must be open both in love and in hate, since concealment shows timidity; and care more for the truth than for what people will think; He will be incapable of living at the will of another, unless a friend, since to do so is slavish He does not bear a grudge, for it is not a mark of greatness of soul to recall things against people, especially the wrongs they have done you, but rather to overlook them. He is Such then being the great-souled man, the corresponding character on the side of deficiency is the smallsouled man, and on that of excess the vain man. The Greatest Revenge Is Success.

The model s —paradigms—men use to tolerate their existential presence tells you more about them than the content of their message.

Trust more in a man's moods than in his thoughts. Assertion: The better a man feels the less complex his models.

Proof of Heaven?

The worse he feels the more complex his models. The real question—do complex models explain more of reality than simple ones? Or is complexity a poor model for describing the issue of models?

To Lie Is Human: Not Getting Caught Is Divine

Or am I misusing the concept? What we need to look at is elegance. The weaker a person the more binary his models. What do I really mean by this? As a rule weaker people think primarily in discrete one dimensional binary terms. They are stuck in a fascistic state of mind. This must be expected since their defenses are primitive. Look at what has been done to the whole brain model.

Weak minded people say that there is a left brain and a right brain. This type of "mind" does not even recognize that they are talking about a model. A stronger person says, a model of the brain is A stronger and more knowledgeable person says, "a model of the brain based on Herrmann's work consists of 4 factors and not 2. The whole brain model has 4 primary components.

They are left cortex, right cortex, left limbic system, and right limbic system. Which person is in a better mood? Do my assertions concerning moods, weakness and model complexity apply? If they do apply how do they apply? Or is my model simply based on poor observations and definitions? Which model of the brain will sell more books and to whom? This might help us understand my model better.

I will predict that the two brain model will sell more books and the people who buy and believe it will be more right brain and less left brain. A person high in mathematical ability and analytical reasoning would find the book a joke. A whole brain person might be interested in the book, buy it, but not believe it. What sells is the model—not the product. Some people can even tolerate maybe.

How many people can tolerate a multi-factor interacting model? Very few. It would require that they specify conditions of when, who, where, and how. This is too much for most people. Their tolerance for existential presence is low. As people become more complex they add maybe.

As they become more complex they add more and more factors. Sooner or later they become organic and they look simple again. Complexity becomes a simple art form. The Neo-Lord knows that it is not necessary to own the person. It is cheaper to control everything the slave has and does and call it safety. As the body becomes more and more an "object" the feudal lords will simply pull more and more pieces from it. Safety and security are the watchwords of the whitemiddle class—the wonder bread people, the Zombie people and their kids. Cowardice has become a virtue and elevated to a "moral necessity.

Robert Lindner was one of the first modern psychologist to suggest that rebellion was an instinct and as necessary as the sex instinct for the survival of the species. Lindner believed that rebellion was normal and not a pathology. Compare this idea to the one held concerning adolescent rebellion not to mention the rebellion of adults who refuse to live the dead-end cowardly existence of the wonder bread class.

Lindner was one of the first to directly warn that psychology would become a whore of the State and business.

To Lie Is Human: Not Getting Caught Is Divine - PDF Free Download

He felt that in time both the public and the psychology profession would begin to believe that psychotherapy had more to offer than it did. He also felt that psychology had become part of the "plague" of adjustment. His prediction has come true—unequivocally. Look at psychology today—with its ads for addictions, depression and co-dependency. The purpose of psychology as practiced today is to make the person in trouble "passive.

But Lindner's most important contribution was his statement that, for humanity to realize its true potential, it had to overcome the "triad of limitations": gravity, ignorance and mortality. Lindner wrote this circa , long before the pioneer Dr. Lindner also proposed a new morality, "Anything— thought or deed—which enables man to pierce the threesided cage described by the triad of limitations is intrinsically good; anything which prevents him from so doing is intrinsically bad.

I had borrowed Lindner's book from my dear friend and mentor Dr. Israel Regardie, the rascal Guru, who said he had forgotten that he had it in his library and confessed that he had only "looked" at this book. In , while looking over Dr. Regardie's papers, I found correspondence between Lindner and Regardie.

Apparently, Regardie "forgot? In fact Regardie was quite taken with Lindner's ideas. Lindner complained that his book had been ignored. In reading the Lindner-Regardie letters in detail we found that they exchanged information on a topic which bothered Dr. Regardie until the day he died.

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It appears that Regardie did not forget Lindner at all, but simply didn't want to discuss the relationship since it brought up some unpleasant feelings. Most great works go "unnoticed" particularly if they threaten the hypocrisy of the upper-middle and middle class parasite. For those who do not understand these parasites let me say that they are the ones who claim to be serving higher principles when in fact they are simply serving themselves.

In essence they are cowards who seek power and status through conceptual deception. Rebellion has always been a prime issue for me, but I had never conceptualized it in just the way Lindner did. His phrasing "rebellion as instinct" seemed to hit me right where I lived. But the question remains—what was I rebelling against?

To Lie Is Human: Not Getting Caught Is Divine

Was it discipline? Or was it the demand Christophers. I close this section with another quote from Lindner: " I have been sworn "to tell the truth" We Owe Authority Everything I was told to tell the truth even when it meant punishment. I tried and failed. As time went on I was told that to tell the truth in the hope of a reward meant that I was without moral fiber.

I was told that I should tell the truth for "truths sake. Then I read about Jesus who felt forsaken by God at the time of his greatest need. At that moment I knew that belief was even more horrible than truth. I abandoned truth and belief—and fell in Love. As my arms drew Her to my chest I awoke from my dream holding my pillow. A l l at once I realized that truth, belief, and love were only sounds resonating in my pathetic brain. They had no reality but brain-reality. I learned that auditory symbols "cause" autonomic reactions emotions and were the fundamental basis of human behavior.

I concluded that emotions could be made into "brain" walls simply by manipulating the sounds and symbols people respond to. The only truth left was that I was always lying. I became a man of the moment, a man afflicted with moods. People mistook me for a Zen Master—until I yelled at them!

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